Basic Training Modules

Aroma Therapy Le Nez sniff test
All training starts with this fun & interactive session of several aromas from Le Nez aroma kit. We tailor the aromas to those found in the wines in the tasting module.

Pronunciation Phonetic spelling

This module covers the pronunciation of all major grape varieties and wine regions within your wine list, with the opportunity to cover additional wines if required. A handout booklet will be provided for staff to keep and refer to. Please note large lists take 30 minutes

Introduction to Wine
A comprehensive look at wine for the novice, with the intention of de-mystifying the subject. This session is broken down into five sections as follows:

1. How wine is made

2. New World V Old World

3. Wine varieties & regions followed by a quiz

4. Screwcap V Cork – the virtues of both

5. The price of wine—why it differs   

Service of wine
We cover all aspects of serving wine, from storage through to serving the wine at the table and the etiquette  involved. We also advise on stock rotation and tips to ensure your customers enjoy the very best experience.

Basic Wine Tasting
This tasting session will show your staff what to look for when wine tasting and how to identify flavours. It will enable them to describe the differences in the wines that they have tasted and give them a basic understanding of the style of wines on your list.  We ask that you have the wines available for the tasting session.

Introduction to Spirits
An insight into the distillation process. How different methods and ingredients achieve strikingly different results. We also cover the virtues of premium spirits with tips on how to sell and serve:

Styles of spirits
Production of spirits
Sales & service of spirits

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