Advanced Training Modules

Advanced Aroma Therapy Le Nez sniff test
All training starts with this fun & interactive session of several aromas from Le Nez aroma kit (with the exception of wine faults). We tailor the aromas to those found in the wines in the tasting module.

Food & Wine Matching
We cover general food and wine matching plus there is an opportunity to discuss specific matches relevant to your menu and wine list. This session works best by matching one of your dishes to the appropriate wine and for the staff to taste these together and discuss, therefore we ask that you have a dish available from your menu and the matching wine.

This module involves targeting specific wines to up-sell, therefore a tasting of these wines is essential. Your staff will be able to talk about the wines and make food matching recommendations.  We suggest no more than 3 wines are covered during this session. We ask that you make these wines available to taste.

Wine Faults
This session explores the most common wine faults and how they occur. Using Le Nez kit of wine faults the staff will experience the off aromas for themselves enabling them to speak knowledgeably if a complaint arises.

Advanced Wine Tasting     
This tasting session will show your staff what to look for when wine tasting and how to identify flavours. It will enable them to describe the differences in the wines that they have tasted and give them a good understanding of the style of wines on your list. This session will also cover tannin, acidity, alcohol and length of flavour. We ask that you have the wines available for the tasting session.

Understanding The Label     
This session is an in-depth look behind the legalities and terms used on wine labels. This will assist your staff in not only understanding the terms used but gives them the knowledge to identify wines with quality recognition.

Identifying Wine Styles
Experience and practice is the surest way of accurately defining wines into various styles, which is why this is an advanced module. We recommend that both advanced wine tasting plus the food and wine matching modules have been completed before approaching this module. You will learn how to break down the differing styles and the characters to look for to assist with correctly identifying them.

Designing a Wine List
Our experienced team will be happy to design and print your list, of  course you may choose to print your own list, which is why we have a step by step guide to designing your own list.

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